AloeProducts " 3-Step Facial"

A. Before bedtime, wash face with facial cleaning sponge using our White Oak Facial Cleanser. This will deep cleanse your face and open the pores to allow your skin to breathe and without leaving a film, like so many facial soaps on the market do. Pat your face softly to dry.

B. Apply a small amount of AloeProducts Gelly over your entire face, being careful not to get in your eyes and gently rub in, pay close attention to those areas that are wrinkled and need tightening. Leave on till morning.

C. In the morning, wash your face again with our White Oak facial cleanser using a facial sponge and pat softly to dry. Apply AloeProducts Intensive Repair Lotion over your entire face and gently rub in. You can leave as is or apply your normal make-up over the Intensive Repair Lotion.

Following these steps on a daily basis and within weeks your face will look younger and fresher and healthier. Give it a try for a month and if your not happy we will refund your purchase price. Why spend hundreds of dollars for those expensive creams, try the above and you will be very happy you did.